Weird scenes from the University Library

Published: 21 November 2016

You won't believe these weird rules from the old days at the University of Glasgow Library.

The University Library is a bright, friendly place and has seen big investment in recent times in facilities and furnishings. It's not a place where you are likely to get your knuckles rapped for speaking in more than a whisper. But spare a thought for the students of 100 or even 200 years ago who had to put up with a very different regime.

Image from the archives of a University of Glasgow studentLesley Richmond, Deputy Director University Library & University Archivist draws to our attention a brilliant blog by her colleague Robert MacLean, Assistant Librarian in Special Collections.

Robert has trawled back through the records to uncover some pretty weird rules and regulations that must have made studying in the University Librarty a pretty trying experience.

How about:

  • No reading by candlelight
  • No borrowing books on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • No reading works of fiction...or any other stuff that might have a bad effect on your morals or principles.

Enjoy Robert's Blog yourself on the University of Glasgow Library Wordpress site

First published: 21 November 2016