Introducing Workstream 7: Provisioning of Learning Spaces

Published: 15 November 2016

The University is focusing on the accurate forecasting of our needs for learning and teaching space...and the risks associated with space provision.

The accurate forecasting of space needs and the risks associated with space provision are central among the many challenges facing the University as it renews and extends its campus footprint over the next decade, writes Professor Murray Pittock, Pro Vice-Principal.

Teaching needs and expectations are changing and academic innovation will bring critically important and yet difficult to predict levels of change in how much, when and how often students interact on campus.

Ensuring that our learning environment evolves to support these changes and the broader student experience will be central to the University’s future reputation.

Workstream 7 has been set up to examine and understand the complex set of issues raised by these opportunities and risks and to ensure the development of the Capital Plan addresses them.

Working closely with colleagues in Planning and Business Intelligence, with representatives from all four Colleges and the SRC as well as colleagues in central services, Workstream 7’s remit includes:

• Understanding how we currently use the estate by developing an accurate space modeling method that includes non-timetabled student engagement and teaching in local space
• Identifying the key characteristics of the types of learning space that will be required to meet current and future demand, and considering options for flexible use.
• Assessing the impact and advising on the timing of potential building disposals
• Championing policy and strategy to ensure the estate supports the future development of the curriculum efficiently and effectively.

The workstream will consult and engage with key stakeholders as it progresses its work.

Workstream 7 started its work in July and is currently working to ensure we are accurately capturing the way we are using the estate to support teaching. This work will provide the basis for modelling future scenarios for the development of the teaching estate.

As matters develop, Workstream 7 will be creating a general email address to support future consultations and ideas gathering.

Professor Murray Pittock,
Pro Vice-Principal,
Chair, Workstream 7

First published: 15 November 2016