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Published: 8 November 2016

Hands up if you've got election fatigue? This week, let's just sigh at some nice animals. Plus the results of last week's poll comparing the social media preferences of students and staff.

Haven't we all had enough polls and elections for now? Let's just sigh at some nice animals, and get back to real questions next week.

All aaaahs are anonymous. Check the next edition of Campus e-News for the final results.

Last week's results

We had a record number of votes for this one! It was interesting to see that Facebook still dominates and that the same proportions of staff and students use it. After that, Twitter and LinkedIn are more popular with staff, while students prefer Instagram and Snapchat.

What social media sites and apps do you use?

Facebook 34.60% 34.36%
Instagram 13.92% 21.03%
Linked In 16.46% 9.74%
Snapchat 8.44% 21.54%
Twitter 26.58% 13.33%

A comparison of staff and student Social Media use

20 people voted 'None!'.

Of the 'Other' options entered, Tumblr was the most popular with students, and Pinterest with staff. YouTube and Whatsapp got a few votes each but with no indication of whether they were from staff or students...

The outliers were: Goodreads, IRC, Reddit, RetroShare, Ring, Slack, Telegram, UofGLiving, Wicr, Wordpress and Yammer.

First published: 8 November 2016