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Published: 8 November 2016

Last week we posed the question: who or what is the Glasgow Professional? Now, all is revealed...

The Glasgow Professional banner

Last week we posed the question: who or what is the Glasgow Professional? We got a range of answers, both serious and comical (and indeed sarcastic). Now, all is revealed...


As many already know, the Glasgow Professional is a identity.

It was developed by University Staff for University Staff, to define how we operate across University Services and the Colleges to support the delivery of our University Strategy Inspiring People - Changing the World.

It is a philosophy which defines the principles of what it means to be a professional services member of staff, an ethos which defines our collective attitudes and aspirations, and an identity which shapes the way we connect, collaborate and share. It sets out how we will approach our work in support of the University Strategy and the culture we wish to promote amongst ourselves.


Glasgow Professionals operate in a diverse range of roles across the Management, Professional and Administration (MPA), Technical and Related (T&R) and Operational (OPS) job families. Whether you are a Finance Officer, a Janitor, a Lab Technician, a Systems Analyst, an Administrator, Chef, Cleaner or one of our many other professional services's you!

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You'll find introductory information around the Glasgow Professional on the new website, but this is just the start and the work carried out so far has simply laid the foundations. A growing range of initiatives and activities will follow, providing opportunities to support collaboration, improvement, development and career progression whilst we also get better at collectively recognising and celebrating our successes. Work is underway to develop a Glasgow Professional Competency Framework which will support the promotion of different career pathways and other development opportunities; further information on this will be available soon.

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First published: 8 November 2016