Fellowships for Urban Studies academics

Two honorary staff members in the School of Social and Political Sciences / Urban Studies have been elected Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Anthony O’Sullivan is currently an honorary professor in the Department of Urban Studies and was formerly Head of Research and Planning for Communities Scotland. He studied economics at the University of Sussex, receiving his PhD in 1987. A lecturer in housing economics at the University of Glasgow 1983-7, he subsequently pursued a career in public service and then consultancy, but always grounded in the academy. The underlying focus of all his contributions has been ‘Knowledge Mobilisation’. His work in UK housing research and planning has promoted both evidence-based public policymaking and the civic agenda of the academy.

Dr David Webster, currently Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Urban Studies, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Glasgow, and formerly Housing Strategy Manager, Glasgow City Council, 1981-2010 and an adviser to the House of Commons Environment, Social Security and Scottish Affairs Committees. He studied Economics at Queens’ College, Cambridge and has an MBA and PhD from the University of Glasgow. Dr Webster has been a key producer, promoter and user of social science within local government in Scotland, in particular with respect to urban labour markets, deindustrialisation, hidden unemployment and welfare benefits. He has published widely on these issues as well as housing. He is currently carrying out an in-depth critical investigation into disallowances and sanctions in the UK unemployment insurance system since 1911


First published: 7 November 2016