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Published: 8 November 2016

Innovative teaching ideas can now be shared with everyone. Learn more about GUSTTO...

Image of the Glasgow University's Teaching Tips Online logo GUSTTO ('Glasgow University's Teaching Tips Online') launched last week at the Learning and Teaching Committee Away Day.

GUSTTO is a brand new way for Glasgow staff to share and discuss teaching tips using the intuitive GUSTTO software, on desktop or mobile devices.

Funded by the Learning and Teaching Development Fund, the GUSTTO project aims to do three things:

  • to allow staff to share the innovative activities they use in their day-to-day teaching
  • to build a university community of staff interested in disseminating and discussing ways to improve teaching
  • to create an institutional repository of best practise teaching activities

Using ideas from social media, GUSTTO has been built by students from the School of Computing Science and is designed to be very user-friendly: new teaching tips can be easily uploaded in a few minutes using the simple built-in template.

The GUSTTO system is available online for all members of staff, and accessible by GUID. College workshops will be held before the end of the first semester to introduce staff to the system, and to discuss and collect new teaching tips.

If you would like to be involved in one of these workshops, or have any other questions about the GUSTTO project, please contact the project lead, Helen Purchase.

Sign on to GUSTTO now:

First published: 8 November 2016