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Published: 27 May 2016

A major transport and travel plan for the University has been published and is expected to have a big impact on how staff and students get to work and move around during the day.

The University’s Strategic Transport and Travel Plan (STTP) for the next nine years has been published and is likely to have a big impact on how staff and students get to work…and move around during the day.

The STTP was approved by Estates Committee and is available on the Estates and Buildings web pages (see links below)

The STTP has been informed by extensive engagement with a range of stakeholders from within and outwith the University, as well as the results of the recent staff and student travel survey. The STTP, its Action Plan and other related documents will play an important role within the Campus Development Framework and the Gilmorehill Masterplan.

Modal Shift (replacing a saturated means of transport with another to make the first less congested) and Business Travel Targets in the STTP aim to make travel to University premises smarter and more sustainable. The Action Plan lists actions within the following themes:

  • Information and Awareness Raising Measures
  • Public Realm, Accessibility and Mobility
  • Active Travel
  • Directional Signage Strategy
  • Public Transport
  • Fleet Vehicles
  • Inter-Campus Travel
  • Servicing and Deliveries
  • Business Travel
  • Car Parking
  • Smart Campus – Mobility as a Service

In the coming weeks, working groups will be formed to start implementing the Actions included in the STTP.

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First published: 27 May 2016

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