Pilot Carers' Conference Fund

Issued: Mon, 13 Jun 2016 10:17:00 BST

Research and teaching staff can now apply to the University Pilot Carers’ Conference Fund for help with the additional cost of care for children and other dependants that are incurred when attending conferences and related events.

Presenting research at, and attending, conferences plays a significant role in the formation of research collaborations, networks, and funding opportunities. We recognises the additional challenges that those with caring responsibilities for children and other dependents face when trying to attend such events.

The pilot fund- launched in June 2016- will run until December 2016 or until the limited funds are exhausted, whichever is the earliest. It will be used to gauge demand and measure the impact for individuals.

More information on the fund and how to apply can be found at : Carers’ Conference Fund

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