The Dyslexic Academic Forum

Issued: Tue, 07 Jun 2016 09:25:00 BST

The Dyslexic Academic Forum was launched at an event attended by more than 60 academics from every region of the UK on 18 March.

The forum is a support, advocacy, information and policy development group for researchers and lecturers with dyslexia in Higher Education.

Dr Andrew Conio of the University of Kent said: “The launch was a huge success in achieving its two main objectives.  The first was to create a forum for mutual support and sharing of skills and perspectives.  Break-out groups enabled people to talk about their experiences and share their individual stories.  We learnt a lot from each other.

“The second, to form the network and focus on objectives, targets and achieving some outcomes.”

The membership is growing steadily. 51 universities including the University of Glasgow are members of the forum and over 50 subject disciplines are represented.

All academic ranks including, Professor, Dean, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Visiting Lecturer, Reader, Researcher and Lecturer are represented in the group.

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