New powerpoint templates available

Issued: Tue, 31 May 2016 15:29:00 BST

Whether you are presenting at home or abroad, PowerPoint is a great supporting tool for engaging with your respective audiences, writes Michelle Crane, University Marketing Manager. 

The important thing to remember about PowerPoint is that it’s not there to replace you as a speaker, but to enhance the story you're trying to tell.

When you or your colleagues are making a presentation, you're not only representing your specific subject or service area but are an ambassador for the University. This means that your presentations should be professional and follow our brand guidelines.

We have prepared a new suite of PowerPoint templates to suit your needs so that we are all promoting the University in a consistent and professional way.  The PowerPoints are primarily intended for non-teaching purposes, although all members of teaching staff are welcome to use them.

The PowerPoints are 16x9 and the file size is such that they can be sent by email.

Templates include:

  • Opening and closing slides
  • Blank slides for the use of graphs or charts
  • Image and editable body text slides
  • Key institutional facts slides

Download the new templates now

If you have any additional queries about PowerPoint you can email

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