Spain's Consul General visits UofG

The University hosted Spain’s Consul General in Scotland, Mr. Miguel Utray Delgado. The Consul General’s visit is part of a unique ‘Ambassadors for Science’ programme being run by the Spanish Embassy in the UK.

Under the initiative, diplomats are paired with scientists; in the case of the University of Glasgow, the honour has fallen to Mario González Jiménez, a postdoctoral researcher in Professor Klaas Wynne's group in the School of Chemistry.

‘Ambassadors for Science' aims to bring together scientists and diplomats in order to get both professionals from two different worlds closer and to allow them to experience each other’s world.

According to the organisers: “Both scientists and diplomats will get exposed to the ins and outs of their respective worlds: science and diplomacy. This will allow them to find common interests that could promote the development of better science diplomacy. Scientists will shadow diplomats on their daily routine to learn about diplomatic activity: conversely, diplomats will visit scientists’ work places to get an insight into the world of science, technology and research.”

During his visit to the University, Mr Utray also met senior staff working in international relations.

To find out more about the Ambassadors for Science programme visit Ambassadors for Science

First published: 4 July 2016

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