Common Purpose Global Leader Experience

Date: 23 February - Friday 26 February 2016

Time: 0900 - 1800

Location: University of Glasgow

What if the world’s greatest challenges were in your hands?

Join a Global Leader Experience (GLE) for students in Higher Education and develop your leadership skills to help influence the future of the world, as well as establish a genuinely global network. Along with your fellow participants, you will play a part in tackling the biggest issues facing business, governments and society today.

A GLE gives you real and practical experiences, instils in you a global perspective and challenges you to adapt and thrive in diverse situations. It equips you with the tools you need to lead change, now and in the future.

Why should you take part?

  • To be a global leader now – develop your skills and Cultural Intelligence (the ability to cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures)
  • To change the world – bring fresh solutions to complex problems
  • To develop networks – with the breadth of relationships needed for success today
  • To build your CV – add a valuable experience that employers are seeking
  • To join the Massive Online Innovation Community (MOIC)

What happens?

The Challenge for 2015/16 is: “How do you prevent city sprawl?”

As a participant, you will explore this major world Challenge from a local perspective. You will meet visionary leaders from global businesses, governments and international not-for-profit organisations to help you and your fellow participants understand the Challenge and find creative ideas to solve it.

Best of all, you won’t be alone; you will build your connections and make new friends – and the solutions and knowledge you all build will be passed to participants on other GLEs around the world.

Who could you meet?

During the four days, you will direct your own learning, speaking to leaders from and visiting organisations such as:

  • Barclays
  • Emmaus
  • Glasgow City Council
  • Sgurr Energy
  • Strathclyde Partnership for Transport
  • Scottish Government
  • Wheatley Group

A global network

GLEs connect you with other exceptional leaders globally through the MOIC, the online community for Common Purpose alumni.

Through the MOIC you can continue conversations from your programme, start new ones, collaborate with other leaders across the world on universal challenges and move your innovative solutions towards action.

There are now 50,000 Common Purpose alumni across the world who will have the opportunity to join the MOIC providing an ongoing, broad source of ideas that will grow exponentially each year.

You'll need to commit four full days of hard work and commitment.

This programme is open to students of the University of Glasgow and the University will be the base for the duration.

It will run from 23 to 26 February 2016. Each day will run from 9.00am - 6.00pm and participants are expected to attend all sessions over the four days.

Apply online before 25 January 2016.

First published: 12 January 2016

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