South front parking restrictions

Issued: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 12:42:00 GMT

There will be car parking restrictions on the South Front on 29 February and 1 March.

A roadshow truck will arrive by the Pearce Lodge gate at 7pm on Monday 29 February and park on the South front until the evening of 1 March as part of the Exporting is GREAT event.

Approximately 25-30 car parking spaces will be used for the event.

Exporting is GREAT is the government’s most ambitious export initiative ever. It aims to inspire and support 100,000 additional UK exporters to sell their goods and services overseas by 2020. 

As the roadshow makes its way around the UK, regional staff from UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), and Exporting is GREAT partners, which include banks, logistics firms and technology brands, will use the truck to engage and support companies at a local level.