Been to the Bike Hub?

Published: 22 February 2016

Bike problems? The Bike Hub runs every Monday in the GUU Dining Room from 13:00-17:00.

The launch of the brand new Glasgow University Bike Hub was a great success, writes Adam Carmichael, GUEST Sustainable Transport Promoter.

‌It saw roughly 50 people through the door, most of whom had bikes with some sort of mechanical shortcoming which was able to be fixed, providing a rewarding experience for both the volunteers and participants, many of whom had never before attempted to repair their own bikes.

Image of a Bike Hub sessionThe afternoon started with the Uni Cycle team from The Glasgow Bike Station running the new volunteers through the professional level equipment and giving basic demonstrations of how the tools are used with Bronze level Velotech training to follow in the coming weeks.

The Bike Station also provided a small bike cinema set-up in one corner of the room, showing cycle themed short films, making the event even more vibrant.

Dr Bike

Although the team from The Bike Station ran a 'Dr. Bike' session alongside the Bike Hub launch, where a mechanic gives a bike a once over, replacing worn consumables and giving advice on bigger repairs, much of their time was spent assisting the enthusiastic crowd wanting to work on their own bikes, gain mechanical experience and find out how it all works. This really demonstrates how long overdue this sort of facility is on campus and the will of the campus community to embrace the rewarding experience of self-propelled sustainable transport. Funding allowances which enable us to provide free replacement brake pads, cables and oil make it even more accessible to students and leaves very little reason not to have a bike in tip-top working order.

We would also like to thank the Glasgow University Union for their keen support of the project, showing real initiative in embracing the sustainable movement on campus especially since Glasgow University's historic divestment. Being provided with a stable weekly base from which to run the Bike Hub will allow it to become a recognised institution on campus where students will be in no doubt as to how they can find help and advice relating to cycling and sustainable travel.

The Bike Hub runs every Monday in the GUU Dining Room from 13:00-17:00.


First published: 22 February 2016