All hands on deck for welcoming students to UofG!

It’s a busy time of the year for all University staff, who are preparing to welcome new and continuing students to the University.

Just over 24k students have been emailed with their “Access Your Student Account” email, granting them access to registration, enrolment and various systems. More than 50% students have now fully registered!

Academic and Professional staff are finalising the induction and orientation activities as well as information sessions. The International Student Support staff are gearing up to welcome international students with a variety of events, tours and workshops, whilst the Registration and Enrolment Team (REST) in the MacMillan Round Reading Room are on hand giving students further assistance on registration and enrolment.

The four student bodies - SRC, GUU, GUSA and QMU, are putting finishing touches to the Freshers’ Week programme to ensure our new students have access to fun social events during their first week at Glasgow.

We are all very excited and looking forward to welcoming students in the coming weeks!

What’s new?

All the social and welcome events, totalling almost 200 individual activities, are featured in the “University of Glasgow Events” app:

  • Go to your app store and search for the “University of Glasgow events”
  • Download the app and select the “New Student Welcome 2016”  
  • Tap on the “Get this guide” button and download the guide to create a personalised schedule, see maps, photos, social media and FAQs
  • Alternatively visit

What’s next?

September will see the launch of a new “Ask Me” campaign engaging staff across the Campus volunteering to act as “Ask Me” Ambassadors. The Ambassadors will wear branded, bright pink “Ask Me” badges as an indication that students are welcome to ask them any questions they might have, as they are out and about on campus.

Make sure to tune into Campus e-News the following week to learn more about “Ask Me”!

First published: 25 August 2016

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