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Published: 19 April 2016

The 2016 @UofGlasgow Staff Survey launches in a fortnight. Will it inspire more change for the better?

The University of Glasgow 2016 Staff Survey launches in a fortnight...on Tuesday 3 May.

University staff, no matter where they work in the world, will receive their own, unique link to the survey which, for the second time, is being conducted by the independent Capita group.  Capita provide the survey in digital or hard-copy form and they will be collecting and collating the data.  The survey is completely anonymous and no ID information is shared with the University. Even in cases where individuals might identify themselves in comments, Capita do their best to make sure all data and feedback supplied to the University has been 'anonymised'. As in 2014, the staff survey is being supported by the trade unions.

For the last few weeks, Campus e-News has been reporting on how different parts of the University of Glasgow have taken action based on the feedback and comment received during the 2014 survey. This week we focus on what has been happening in the College of Social Sciences.

The outcomes of the Staff Survey were presented to College Management Group (CMG) and then the information was cascaded by the Heads of Schools via their School Executives.  

The College Strategy Group, which reflects the composition of CMG, met to discuss and take forward issues of strategic importance. Staff engagement was identified as one of the key themes to take forward from the staff survey.
The College of Social Sciences leadership noted the very positive responses in terms of working at the University:
•    91% enjoyed their work

•    87% believed the University is a good place to work and feel their work gives them a sense of personal achievement.  

•    87% had a clear understanding about their role and what they are expected to achieve in their job

•    88% had a clear understanding of the expected standards of performance. The College had invested heavily in promoting the Performance and Development Review with staff sessions led by the Vice-Principal and Head of College, Professor Anne Anderson.

Positive feedback
However, it was also noted that the College staff survey data suggested 52% of staff were unable to balance teaching, research and other commitments. Both across the College and within individual Schools discussions have been taking place about the Work Load Model to ensure equal distribution of duties and responsibilities.
In response to less positive feedback from staff in the College on engagement in decision making, strategy sessions hosted by the Vice-Principal and Head of College have been held with members of staff getting the opportunity to comment and give their views. In addition, the College Council is an opportunity for all colleagues across the College to engage in discussion in areas of strategic importance.  

Each School identified key themes to take forward: workshops were facilitated within the Adam Smith Business School (ASBS) to promote a positive working culture; the School of Education held workshops to identify specific actions within the School and staff engagement is a focus for the School of Social and Political Sciences. Both the Schools of Law and Interdisciplinary Studies are working towards Athena Swan.

First published: 19 April 2016

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