PDR aims to inspire!

Published: 15 June 2015

Principal says PDR process will boost new strategy.

The Performance and Development Review (PDR) process for all staff will launch formally on July 1st.

In a message to staff, the Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Anton Muscatelli, said the annual review process this year had a special significance as the University prepared to launch a strategy to guide us through the next five years.

He said: "I believe it’s significant and immensely exciting that people – that’s you, me and all our colleagues – are at the very heart of our new strategy. It will be called “Inspiring People – Changing the World”.  It embodies a vision of a world class, world changing university. 

"Our mission will be to bring inspiring people together to create a world class learning and research environment, empowering staff and students alike to discover and share knowledge that can change the world."

"Our annual PDR process, which is and must be people centred, is at the very heart of this mission, and a key driver to each one of us to transform what we want to achieve together into a reality."


The Principal said 2014/15 had been a tremendously successful year for the University.  Last December, the University's broad-based excellence agenda had been recognised in the Research Excellence Framework.

Feedback by students on their experience at Glasgow had also been better than ever before, and the University had risen in league tables of research performance and international reputation.

Professor Muscatelli said: "These achievements would not be possible without the skills and dedication of our staff and I firmly believe that our commitment to the PDR process helps us all to focus on our individual and corporate priorities to achieve such real and tangible success.

"I very much hope that PDR will be a positive experience for you this year, and once again, my thanks for all your hard work over the past year and for the contribution you have made to the University's success."

The relevant forms, associated guidance, and our newly introduced online training modules are available on the HR website:


First published: 15 June 2015

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