European union collection holdings

The University of Glasgow Library was a European Documentation Centre (EDC) from 1964 until 2020, and has the most comprehensive collection in the West of Scotland. European Documentation Centres are depositories of official publications of the European Union. EDC status originally entitled the host library to receive one copy of important publications from the EU. The collection includes:

  • Legislation - full texts of all directives, regulations, treaties etc, and any subsequent amendments.
  • Proposed legislation - all stages of EU legislation, from the Commission's initial COM document to the Council's final approval, and all stages of consultation along the way.
  • Background information - including full Commission reports, and a range of the Commission's free publications.
  • Statistics - a range of statistical information from EUROSTAT, on all aspects of EU affairs.

We can provide guidance on accessing information via the internet. The EDC also offers access to a number of EU databases and specialist CD-ROMs

Contact Us

For visitors who wish access to the European Union collection - please complete and return the EDC Access Form to the Welcome Desk in the Library.

Please contact the Maps, Official Publications & Statistics Unit if you have any questions.