Royal fashion mooc

The University of Glasgow has a long-standing and rich approach to developing and delivering MOOCs. We’ve even designed our own framework to support staff throughout the process!

MOOCs have been designed for many reasons, including increased civic engagement, research outreach, collaboration with industry and education partners,  increasing access to education and recruitment pathways.

We have a strategic partnership with FutureLearn and Coursera. Combined, we have developed over 75 courses across a range of subject areas, totalling over 800,000 enrolments.

On average, our MOOCs are 4 weeks in duration and take the learners around 4hrs per week to complete.

The LISU support the MOOC design process with an in-house built framework designed to support staff deliver the best possible learning experience for thousands of learners on a course run. Our courses are delivered via a continuously open model, meaning they stay open for enrolment for 35+ weeks. We then extend this to allow a brief down time for any course edits the academics wish to make before re-opening again.

Course moderation is light, circa 3hrs per week for the initial four weeks, then moderation becomes ad-hoc of around 2hrs per month. The LISU can help you with moderation strategies to maximise your time on the course.