Connecting to the Pull Print Service from Linux

These instructions have been tested on Ubunutu & Mint. Other distros may vary.
Note: a samba client may need to be installed from your package manager

  • Open Printers menu
  • Click Add > Network Printer > Windows Printer via SAMBA
  • Enter smb://
  • Select Set authentication details now
  • Enter username as campus\GUID and your password
  • Click Forward

The search will fail and proceed to manual selection.

  • Choose Canon then Forward
  • Select: imageRunner C5185i > /pxlcolor [en] recommended
  • Set Printer name as PullPrint
  • Click Apply

Print a test page to ensure it has worked.

  • In Printer options tab you can turn on Double-sided printing. Normally Flip on long edge is the preferred option.


  • By default it will print in colour; to change to mono, look for the Print quality setting and change it from Normal to Normal Grayscale, or collect your job at a mono only printer.
  • Options vary depending on the application used to print, but there should always be options for single sided or double sided (on short or long edge).
  • You may get an error saying it cannot start printer when sending jobs, but a pop-up will appearing say the job has been sent anyway.

Further information

  • You can collect your print jobs from any pull printer on campus.
  • You can collect mono (black and white) jobs from any printer. You will only be charged for a mono print.
  • You must collect colour jobs from a colour printer!
  • When you send a document to print, it will go to your personal document store. You then have up to 72 hours to collect it. After 72 hours the document will be deleted from your store.
  • Printing a document automatically removes it from your personal document store.
  • To check the contents of your personal document store, and remove items you no longer, see
  • Staff printing charges [pdf]