Printing for Postgrads

By default all undergraduates and postgraduates are registered as Pay users, meaning they need to pay for print credits in advance.

You can elect change your research active postgraduates (or indeed any student) into Tracking users, meaning they can print anytime and their costs are tracked back to their host department/cost centre.

How to change your student to a Tracking user

Submit a request in UofG Helpdesk. You will need to provide:

  • authorisation, ideally from local IT or your College Finance team
  • the student's ID
  • the project code against which the student's printing should be charged

Please note we can't accept class codes, or requests to place students in the 'same grouping' as previous requests. This is because groupings change - sometimes significantly - over time, which could result in unexpected charges to your cost centre.

Once complete you will receive a confirmation of the change, and the tracking users will show up in your monthly reporting thereafter.

Any credit the student had on their printing account before the change is not refundable, but will re-appear on their account if they are later changed back to being a Pay user.

How to change your student back to a Pay user

Raise a helpdesk call via IT Helpdesk Self Service, selecting Printers and Printing -> Managed Print -> Change user to Pay

Bulk Changes         

We are happy to accept bulk requests for multiple changes, but please note we cannot accept class codes. You must provide the student ID and project code for every student, as detailed above.