IDs for students at Dumfries campus

UofG students attending Dumfries campus have two user IDs. This is because you have user accounts for both the University of Glasgow and the University of the West of Scotland:

University of Glasgow: GUID

Your GUID (Glasgow Unique IDentifier) is your student number followed by the first letter of your surname, for example 1012345A.

Use this for UofG facilities including email, Moodle, MyGlasgow Portal etc.

University of the West of Scotland: UWS AD

Your UWS AD is your GUID prefixed with a G, for example eg G1012345A

Use this for Wi-Fi, filestore access, cluster workstations and printing on the Dumfries campus.

Changing your password

TIP: Change your password for both systems to the same one

University of Glasgow: GUID

Note: This will change your password for ALL University of Glasgow IT services.

University of West of Scotland: UWS AD

  • While logged into a Dumfries cluster workstation, press Ctrl-Alt-Del then change your password in the dialogue box.

Note: this only changes your G-GUID password, and is only for logging into Dumfries cluster PCs.