Digital Signage Service

Purchasing, training, support

Contact Campus Screens for information on:

  • purchasing digital signage
  • system setup
  • subscribing to the central content management system
  • training on the system
  • displaying content

Campus Screens also offers limited support for your signage installation, please get in touch if you have any issues and we can advise.

Design guidelines


Make sure you have a border around your image content, placing text near the edge of your image means it may not display correctly on screens.

QR Codes - keep QR codes away from the edge of the screen, they may be obscured by other objects on the signage layouts.

Amount of text

Text should be kept to a minimum. Your image may only be displayed for 10 seconds to an audience who are in transit.

Digital Signage recommended amount of text, 280 characters is recommended

Clear wording

If you’re promoting an event, then it’s important to ensure your call to action is clear and unambiguous. If you use a URL on your image, it should be as short as possible, avoid including 'http://www'. You can also use a free URL shortening service like

URL examples:


Accessible text

Make sure the text you use in your image is a sans-serif font, i.e. Arial, Swiss, Calibri, etc. Do not use decorative or serif fonts, i.e. Times New Roman, this will result in text that is hard to read and not accessible for people who may be visually impaired.

Digital Signage readable text, use sans-serif fonts as they are easier to read

Ensure the text is contrasting against any background colour or image used. If there is poor contrast between text and background, your signage will be difficult to read and inaccessible to visually impaired people.

Digital signage readable text ensure contrast is clear

Use of appropriately scaled images

Images should be landscape, do not use vertical or portrait images as these leave borders on either side of the image.

Digital signage use correctly scaled images

Do not use poor-quality images or stretch smaller images in order for them to fit the dimensions of the screen. This will result in a pixelated image and an incorrect aspect ratio.

Digital signage - do not stretch images