Application Process

Stage 1

Scoping Opportunities

Indicate whether the project is self identified or university identified

Identify host institution and a suitable contact point.

Undertake initial investigation to test out viability of visit/exchange.

Discussion with Line Manager and University identified Project Sponsor (if appropriate) on benefits of exchange and confirm support.

Stage 2

Complete Application Form

Follow the guidance.

Complete the I.E.F Application Form.

Include supporting documentation where appropriate.

Stage 3

Submit Application Form

Send your completed application form and supporting documentation.

Application forms can be submitted in hard copy through internal mail or sent by email with e-signatures and other supporting emails / documents.

Internal mail address:

International Experience Fund
Employee and Organisational Development, (Tay House), University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ

By email to:

A confirmation of receipt email will be sent to the primary applicant once received.

Stage 4

Selection Committee Decision

The primary applicant will be advised of the Committee’s decision.

Stage 5

Visit arrangements finalised by awarded applicants and sponsors.

Awardees, Line Managers and other Sponsors agree the details of the visit/exchange with the host institution.

Stage 6

Complete the visit/exchange

Stage 7

Submit Progress Report

Complete the Progress Report template (will be sent with acceptance email) and submit to the International Experience Fund.

Upon receipt of the I.E.F Progress Report, the I.E.F will reimburse expenses as outlined in the acceptance letter.