International Experience Fund

‌Glasgow’s Intenational Experience Fund (I.E.F) is an exciting opportunity for any member of staff at the University to enhance their personal and professional outlook by undertaking a visit to a partner or other institution overseas (e.g. U21, Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities, etc)

More information on the International Experience Fund

The scheme is designed to provide staff with the opportunity to have an international experience by supporting them at both a personal and professional level – offering the opportunity to share expertise and learn about new cultures – while at the same time supporting the University’s strategic objective of being ‘A globally connected, globally influential university.’

The objectives of the I.E.F are;

(a) Supporting personal and professional development by;

  • Providing personal and career development opportunities for staff through exposure to other cultures and working practices.

(b) Connecting with the world through Internationalisation to;

  • Provide the opportunity to measure and benchmark against international best practices and to identify, promote and embed measurable improvements on return;
  • Promote knowledge and understanding with partner universities;
  • Share learning about best practice with colleagues upon return;
  • Facilitate reciprocal visits/exchanges and act as ambassadors for the university in promoting sustainable relationships with partner universities;
  • Advance an aspect of the university’s internationalisation strategy

All applicants must provide evidence of how their project meets the section (a) objective and at least one section (b) objective. 

Please note that the fund is primarily to support personal and professional development and to enhance the University’s reputation as a globally connected and globally influential University.  It is not designed to be used as an alternative source of funding for direct research activity or to supplement professional development which should be locally funded. Managers are encouraged to support proposals where there are opportunities to further the University’s internationalisation strategic plan.

A separate fund is available to support proposals aimed at facilitating the development of collaborative projects with universities overseas. For support in developing international collaborations and partnerships, visit International Partnership Development Fund.


All staff in both academic and support positions are encouraged to consider opportunities for application to the programme. Applicants must have at least 6 months service. Interested staff should review the application guidance to assess potential opportunities.

Applicants can apply for support from the International Experience Fund for assistance in funding visits identified in one of two ways:

(a) Self - Identified Projects

Applicants may identify their individual project, their project should meet the objectives of the I.E.F. outlined in the 'More Information on the International Experience Fund' section above, further detail can be found in Application Guidance.

(b) University Identified Project Opportunities

The University will identify and publicise projects which provide opportunities for members of staff to gain an international experience.  These opportunities may involve cross college/cross service and/or cross University projects and may attract members of staff who may not otherwise have considered an international project.

University identified projects will be publicised on the IEF web pages with contact details of the project sponsor to allow interested parties to obtain more information.  Applications for these projects must fulfill the same criteria as Self - Identified Projects and funding will be on the same basis.

Applications should be submitted directly via the International Experience Fund email address:

Current University Identified Project Opportunities

‘Singapore – a centre of innovation in HE’ 

Potential topics include:

- Developing relationships with a U21 partner (NUS)

- Innovation in learning and teaching

- Relationships between Universities and industry

- TNE experiences

Topic Sponsor:  Professor Trevor Hoey

'Summer Schools'

- Identification of best practice in the development and implementation of University  Summer Schools. 

Topic Sponsor: Dr Clare McManus


For further discussion on any of the above please contact the topic sponsor.


The International Experience Fund supersedes the University of Glasgow Staff Mobility Programme which was launched in 2012. Members of staff may submit project ideas and apply for I.E.F support at any point during the year.  Applications will be reviewed at regular intervals by the Selection Committee, however, applicants should allow an adequate period of time for the Selection Committee to review prior to proposed travel dates.

Scoping Opportunities

All applicants will be responsible for identifying a contact point in the host institution and undertaking investigation to establish whether a visit is possible prior to submitting an application. General advice on the best way to go about this can be obtained from:

Marketing, Recruitment and International Office
71 Southpark Ave
G12 8QQ
0141 330 4515

Information on the U21 network membership is available at  U21 is a network of research-intensive universities who are open to developing new partnership between members.

Application Process

All applicants should complete the Application Form and send it to the International Experience Fund either by email or through internal mail service to: 

International Experience Fund
Employee and Organisational Development
(Tay House) University of Glasgow
Glasgow, G12 8QQ

Applicants are encouraged to review the Application Guidance when completing the I.E.F Application Form‌.

A confirmation of receipt email will be sent to the primary applicant once application forms are received.

Any enquiries regarding this programme and/or applications should be directed to:

Funding and Resources

The International Experience Fund is financed by the University Trust.  It provides joint funding which means it will provide a contribution to the total costs with the balance contribution coming from College (School/Research Insitute)/ University Service.

(a) All successful applicants will receive the first £1,000 towards their trip from the fund.

In addition to the initial award of £1,000, applicants will receive 50% of the outstanding balance of funding from the IEF with the remaining costs to be funded locally by the applicant's College (School/Research Institute)/University Service.

(b) Candidates undertaking projects involving visits to one of the University of Glasgow's strategic partner universities will receive a further £250 from the IEF.  Therefore a project involving a visit to a strategic partner will attract an initial £1250 from the International Experience Fund and 50% of the outstanding balance.

Please note that details of University strategic partners can be found on the Internationalisation web pages.

Please see the worked examples below;  

Standard Application


Cost (£)

Request for trip total cost

Initial IEF Funding
Additional support 50% of outstanding balance

Total from IEF

Funding from College/School/Service
Outstanding balance 





Strategic Partner Application

Cost (£)

Request for trip total cost

Initial IEF Funding
Strategic partner visit weighting
Additional support of 50% of outstanding balance

Total from IEF

Funding from College/School/Service
Outstanding balance 





Proposed visits should be of a short term nature (i.e. normally between 3 to 21 days) with funding incurred within 6 months of the approval decision date. All proposals should include details of the funding requested and sign off from the relevant budget holder within the College or University Services confirming commitment of joint funding.

Once approved, extensions may be considered if circumstances pertaining to the successful applicant have changed (e.g. pregnancy, maternity leave plans, other health related factors, etc).

Applications should be completed and funding arrangements confirmed and in place before any travel arrangements are confirmed.

Eligible expenses generally include travel, accommodation, institutional gifts for hosts and subsistence for the University of Glasgow nominated applicant(s) travelling. Funds will be reimbursed in accordance with the University’s financial regulations.

Given that successful applications will be demonstrating benefits to both the University and applicant(s), along with a credible plan for transferring knowledge back into the workplace, it is anticipated that nominated applicant(s) will be required to make an employment commitment of 6 months to the University following a visit. If a nominated applicant(s) ceases their employment contract with the University within 6 months of their visit, they may be required to repay / reimburse expenses.

Selection Criteria

Selection will be based upon the information applicants detail in the application form.  This includes the extent to which the proposed visit / exchange delivers the University strategy with specific reference to enhancing the University’s reputation as a globally connected, globally influential University and that the proposal can satisfy at least two of the International Experience Fund objectives.

The Selection Committee will also take into account a number of factors, over time, to ensure a range and spread of coverage and originality.   Members of the Selection Committee include: Vice Principal of Internationalisation, Director of the Marketing, Recruitment & International Office, Employee and Organisational Development International Experience Fund Lead and HR Director.

The University of Glasgow is committed to promoting equality of opportunity in all its activities and aims to provide a work, learning, research and teaching environment free from discrimination and unfair treatment.  Procedures for the consideration of proposals are intended to be fair, transparent and consistent with the University’s Equal Opportunities Policies.

Successful Application

Successful applicants will be advised following the Selection Committee decision which would normally be within two weeks of submission. Where an application covers more than one member of staff, the decision will be communicated to the primary applicant.

The Selection Committee is committed to evaluating the impact of successful applications. Successful applicants are required to provide a progress report to the Selection Committee within 30 days of returning from their visit.  Successful applicants will also be requested to submit photographs from their visit.  The University reserves the right to use this information for promotional purposes on the University website, in newsletters and publicity materials.  

The International Experience Fund portion of funding will be paid following the submission of the progress report.   Further details of this process will be included in acceptance letters.

Successful applicants are also expected to be ambassadors for the International Experience Fund with the aim of raising awareness of the programme and sharing their experiences.  Applicants may also be expected to carry out additional duties on behalf of the University while visiting the host institution (i.e. meet staff on behalf of another subject/school/college, work with other University of Glasgow staff on a recruitment stand, explore service provision in other areas, provide a general presentation to students considering studying at Glasgow on an exchange).  These would be discussed and considered with the applicant(s) in advance of their planned visit/exchange.