Welcome to the Glasgow Professional

...it is a philosophy, an ethos and an identity

The University’s strategy, World Changers Together, places people at the very heart of its ambition to be a world-class, world-changing University and focuses on transforming the way we work and the way we interact with each other, our students and our partners. The Glasgow Professional is a philosophy, an ethos, an identity which complements our strategy.

It is a philosophy: defining the principles of what it means to be a professional services member of staff; a philosophy which affirms the way professional services staff demonstrate our core values.

It is an ethos: defining the characteristics which make up our collective attitudes and aspirations. It defines our drive to work together to improve, to innovate, to challenge, to inspire.

It is an identity: shaping how we connect, collaborate and share. It is an identity which garners respect from our peers and which sees our successes and achievements being recognised, valued and celebrated. 

What is the Glasgow Professional Behaviour Framework?

The Framework defines ‘how’ we can all contribute to the success of the organisation and to our own successes as individuals. Values and behaviours are very much linked and the University of Glasgow’s values – Ambition and Excellence, Curiosity and Discovery, Integrity and Truth and An Inclusive Community - sit at the heart of everything we do.

Our behaviours are what people see and are an expression of what we value; they demonstrate the attitude and approach we, as Professional Services members of staff, should bring to our work and encompass how we do things, how we treat others and how we expect to be treated. 

Colleagues from across the University identified these behaviours to be those that would help support us in achieving our University priorities and continue to make Glasgow a great place to work.

What are behaviour competencies?

Competencies are the skills, knowledge and behaviours that lead to successful performance. Our Framework outlines a range of behavioural competencies, which are grouped into clusters and, for each, there is a description of what it means in practice and some examples of effective and ineffective behaviours at all levels.

The behavioural competencies are intended to be discrete and cumulative, with each level building on the levels below. For example, a person demonstrating a behavioural competency at Senior Leader level should be demonstrating behaviours at the other levels as a matter of course. These indicators of behaviour are not designed to be comprehensive but should provide a clear and consistent sense of what is expected from Professional Services staff in the University of Glasgow.

What will the competency framework be used for?

It is envisaged that the Framework will be used for recruitment & selection, performance & development review discussions and for decisions about career progression. Our objectives/performance standards set out ‘what’ we need to achieve over the course of a year and the Behavioural Competency Framework sets out ‘how’ we need to work to achieve those objectives. Read more in the how does it fit section.