Fixed Assets

Fixed Asset Disposal Policy

Regulations relating to assets can be found within section 6 of the University’s Financial Regulations at the link below:

1. Sale, Disposal & Retirement of Equipment - Information Required by Finance Office

For financial accounting reasons, the Finance Office keeps a record of all assets with a purchase price > £25,000 (> £50,000 for assets purchased as part of a research grant). These assets are recorded on a Fixed Asset Module within Agresso. To keep the information on the fixed asset module up to date, please inform the finance office of any sales, disposals, and retirements of fixed assets.

Please supply the following details for each asset sold / disposed of:
1. Description of the asset
2. Agresso cost centre and project
3. Original cost of the asset
4. Sales price of the asset and any documentary evidence relating to the sale/disposal
5. Reason for sale/disposal
6. Details of who asset was sold to
7. Date of disposal of the asset

Please email details of asset disposals to the Financial Accounts Section:

2. Disposal of computer equipment

IT Services have published additional guidance concerning the disposal of computer equipment. See link below:

3. Disposal of land and buildings

Disposal of land and buildings must only take place with the authorisation of the University Court.