Financial Operations Contact Details

Endowments, Investments, Imports and VAT

VAT Manager                  
Kevin Sweeney    Ext: 8295 

General Ledger/ Data Control

The General/Purchase Ledger section is responsible for processing purchase invoices and accounting for; general, discretionary and equipment funds.

For any general enquiries, you can contact the General/Purchase Ledger Subsection by e-mailing or by telephoning extension 8759.

Joanne Aitken   Ext: 5916
Julie Donohoe   Ext: 6502
Angela Duffy   Ext: 0958
Alison Graham   Ext: 3623
Kirsty Kennedy-Wylie   Ext: 8759
Fiona Small
  Ext: 4349
Scott Brodie

  Ext: 5096
Natalie Jones   Ext: 4349

Cash Section

Responsible for:

  • Centralised banking of sums received by the University
  • Recording of income within the Agresso finance system
  • Transmission of cheque and Bacs payments to suppliers
  • Petty cash

The specific duties of each member of staff are under review, however any query regarding these matters should be made to any of the extensions below where the member of staff will be happy to assist.

Gail Cullen   Ext: 4936
Nadya Dryburgh   Ext: 3856
Maxine O'Malley   Maxine.O'   Ext: 4733
Caroline Wilson   Ext: 8661 


Responsible for:

  • Debt collection for invoices entered onto the sales ledger

All of the above are dealt with by the following members of staff:

Lynn Stewart   Ext 8656
Magda Gamrat   Ext 3622
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