New Supplier Process

There is a significant cost associated with hosting new suppliers on the university database.  The creation of a new supplier should be the exception rather than the norm. 

New supplier mandatory requirements:  

  • New supplier requests can only be made by Purchasing Officers.
  • The Purchasing Officer must first:
    • Check if the supplier is already on Agresso in either the current or inactive suppliers;
    • Check the contracts register on the Procurement webpage to see if there is an existing supplier who can provide the goods or services.

Wherever possible quotations should be sought from suppliers already on the database.

  • New suppliers MUST be created before an invoice is received from a supplier.
  • No work should be undertaken by a supplier until a new supplier is set up and a purchase order issued to the supplier.
  • Areas should satisfy themselves that there is no supplier already on Agresso that can deliver the proposed good or service. It will be necessary to indicate on the form that this check has been done.
  • Employees cannot be set up as a supplier.
  • Where a supplier of goods/services is an individual or a personal service company, you must first assess the supplier for self-employed/employed status regardless of value of payments to be made, obtaining approval of the determination from your local HR team first. Guidance for this is available here.

Additional mandatory requirements for Estates and Buildings: 

  • Authorisation for the spend must be obtained in advance by a line Manager, Assistant Director or Director.
  • For all E&B’s services or works suppliers, it is a mandatory requirement that prequalification has been completed in advance of submitting the new supplier request.

Alternative methods for payment:

If the supplier is likely to be used only once a Purchasing Card or the Sundry Payee procedure should be used for a single payment of up to £1,000.  Refer to the procurement website for details of when Purchasing Cards may be used, and the Sundry Payment forms for details of when they may be used.


Please note that the new supplier set up process will take 5 days from submission of the form to Procurement and then 5 days from the time you send the information required to Data Control.  This may take longer in the case of individuals/personal service companies.

The New Supplier set up process must still be completed, even when you have successfully completed a tender process. 

Different processes apply depending on whether the supplier is a company or an individual, a partnership or a personal service company.

Click on the relevant link to see the full process including links to the relevant forms

New Supplier Process - Companies (excluding personal service companies)

New Supplier Process - Individuals & personal service companies


New supplier request form


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