Sundry Payee Form

The sundry payment process should be used where the payment is a one off request i.e the supplier is not an approved supplier, will not be used again, the total value of the transaction is less than £1,000 (including VAT) and payment cannot be made via another method e.g purchasing card.

For foreign currency payments please refer to the this link: 

Sundry payments can be made either by BACS or Cheque. To enable us to reduce costs and improve payment efficiency please request, where possible, payment by BACS.

Where the sundry payment form has been completed for payment method BACS, the claimants signature confirms the bank details quoted on the form.
Forms received without this supporting documentation will be returned.   
The Finance Office, General Ledger section will scan and register the sundry payment request forms within Agresso. Upon registration these will be passed for approval within Agresso workflow as per the delegation of financial authority. Due to this online approval method, the sundry request form no longer needs to be approved prior to being sent to the Finance Office.    

 ** Receipts must be photocopied by School/Department and sent together with originals and sundry foreign payment form to the General Ledger Section. ** 

Access the  Sundry Payee Form