Departmental Objectives

The Finance Office aims to deliver superior service & support to its large & complex customer base across the University.

The primary objective for the Finance Office is to ensure that the University financial performance is delivered & sustained, and that the decision-making processes delivers best value across the University. This is delivered via a number of areas of focus:

  • Support of our customer base in the use of financial information through specialist advice & expertise (Capital & Project Appraisal, Pensions, Insurance, Procurement, Research Funding, VAT, Corporation Tax)
  • Effective financial reporting and review processes
  • Risk identification & mitigation processes
  • Cash management & maximisation

This is underpinned by the delivery of efficient & effective transaction processing through an integrated system solution with University wide standardised processes.

General questions

What are the opening hours of the Finance Office?

Answer: The opening hours of the Finance Office can be found on our website.

Our hours of business are:

Telephone Contact    9am to 5pm 
Public Counter   10:30am to 12:30pm 
Payroll Counter   10am to 4pm

Members of staff will be happy to assist with any query you may have.

Payments - Invoices, Sundry Payee Forms, etc

When will my invoice, sundry payee form be paid?

Answer: The BACS run is prepared on a Wednesday for payment into the Bank on a Friday and the cheque run is prepared on a Thursday for cheques to be sent out on a Friday, hence the deadline is Tuesday. But although a payment run is made each week for both BACS and cheques the payment terms are 30 days from invoice date. 

Who do I contact to find out if an invoice/sundry payee form has been paid?

Answer: The General Ledger Section can check the system for you if you do not have access to Agresso.

Can the University make payment in foreign currencies?

Answer: Yes, complete a Foreign Payments Form and send it with all relevant paperwork to the accounts payable section of the Finance Office. 

Who do I contact to find out if a foreign payment has been made?

Answer: The accounts payable section will be able to help you. 

Cash and Cheques

Where do I send cheques for income received on behalf of the University of Glasgow?

Answer: All income should be sent to the Cash Section of the Finance Office together with supporting remittance information. All income received at the Departments should be forwarded with a Cash Received Form.

Can I send cash through the internal mail?

Answer: No. Please contact the cash section for alternative options.

If I receive a cheque payable to myself, can I endorse the cheque over to the University?

Answer:  No.  As of the Cheque Act 1992, the Bank cannot accept cheques payable to individuals and endorsed over to the University if they are crossed and marked account payee only or not transferable. You will either have to bank the cheque into your own bank and issue the University with a cheque or return to the person paying the cheque and ask them to reissue in the name of the University of Glasgow.

Can the University accept cheques in foreign currency?

Answer:  Yes.  The University has Bank accounts in Euro's and US Dollars. Other currencies can be accepted but the Bank will not accept cheques under the sterling equivalent value of £100 as the charges would exceed the value of the cheque. A bank draft drawn on a British Bank in sterling is the most suitable method of payment from foreign countries as we will receive the full value of the cheque.

Can the University accept payment by credit card?

Answer:  Departments within the University can be set up with a terminal to accept credit card payments but due to the bank charges involved it is not worth having this facility unless it is going to be used on a regular basis. Finance has a manual terminal that can be used for telephone orders. For information on this, please contact the cash section.