Space Audit

Each year we take a snapshot of our space allocation across the University.  The audit is carried out annually and is required for:

  • Space Data Analysis and Calculations - comparison of the space held to the space required, by applying the University's Space Reference Areas to the numbers of students and staff each session.
  • Full Economic Costing (FEC) - each type of space and its usage (office, store, laboratory etc) has different cost characteristics.  Estates space data is analysed each session by the Finance and Planning Offices to allow space costs to be generated and apportioned to each College/School.  
  • HESA Estates Management Statistics (EMR) - Estates & Commercial Services are required to return annual statistics for all rooms and space to HESA.  
  • Utility Cost Profiling - building gross internal area data can be used to calculate costs per square metre for water, gas, electricity etc.
  • Web Based Space Audit Returns 
  • Web Based Space Audit Returns Guidance Notes
  • Web Based Space Audit Returns Training Video