Estates Culture

The Estates Directorate will deliver a series of core objectives over the life of the Strategy within the context of 5 Themes – People, Space, Sustainability, Custodianship and Digital. These objectives set out what is delivered but our culture will determine how this is experienced.

With a culture rooted in the University Values (Ambition & Excellence, Curiosity & Discovery, Integrity & Truth, An Inclusive Community) we celebrate being part of a community of collaboratively-minded, people-centred and globally-engaged teams. Defining our culture are our commitments to:

  • ​Place the student and colleague experience at the centre of our plans
  • Treat everybody equally and respectfully
  • Be a unified, friendly and welcoming Estates community
  • Champion a sociable and interactive ethos
  • Develop ourselves through taking on new opportunities
  • Openly communicate and collaborate with all
  • Work in partnership to deliver seamless, integrated and sustainable services 
  • Use our data and expertise to inform good decision-making and wise investment
  • Increase empowerment and accountability to all within a transparent governance system