Reporting form: bullying, discrimination or sexual harassment

Reporting form: bullying, discrimination or sexual harassment

You can submit a report on bullying, discrimination, racism, harassment or sexual harassment if you are a University of Glasgow colleague, or on behalf of a University of Glasgow colleague.

This form will be sent to the Equality and Diversity Unit who will initially review each report.

If you would prefer to speak to someone, rather than submit a form, you may contact your local HR team.

Which of the following best describes the situation your report relates to:

Bullying is offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour, an abuse or misuse of power through means that undermine, humiliate, denigrate or injure the individual.

Harassment is unwanted conduct related to a protected characteristic, such as race, sexual orientation or gender reassigment, which has the purpose or effect of violating an individual’s dignity.

Sexual harassment is any unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature that an individual finds offensive or which makes them feel distressed, intimidated or humiliated.

Sexual violence is defined as a sexual act committed against someone without that person's freely given consent. This includes completed or attempted acts.

Discrimination means treating a person unfairly because of who they are or because they possess certain characteristics, such as sex or race.

Victimisation means treating someone badly or subjecting then to a detriment because they complain about discrimination or help someone who has been the victim of discrimination.

Are you reporting on behalf of yourself or somebody else?

Please indicate if you/ the person who has been affected by the issue believes they have been targeted because of any of the following (optional):

Please give a brief overview of your report. (Optional)

If you submit your contact details a member of University staff will contact you. This may be someone from the University’s Respect Advisers, the Equality and Diversity Unit or your local HR team who can explain the support the University can provide and the options available to you.

You can also submit a report anonymously but if you do, we may not be able to:

  • Contact you (or the individual you are submitting a report for) in order to provide support
  • Investigate the report
  • Take any form of disciplinary action