Information Asset Register (IAR)

The University is required under Data Protection legislation to maintain a record of processing activities. This record must be made available to the Information Commissioner, on request.

The IAR enables the University to meet this obligation and to manage the challenges arising from the organisation’s size and the complexity of its information. In addition, it provides a repository for colleagues where associated documentation such as privacy notices, retention schedules, consent statements, and privacy impact assessments are stored and accessed.

The IAR platform also allows information asset owners (and their delegates) to monitor, create, maintain, and manage their returns in a much more intuitive and user-friendly environment. It supports version control of returns, creates an audit trail and facilitates email contact between users and the DP&FOI Office team directly from the system. It also allows returns to be shared between colleagues and can be exported via email.

Log in to the Information Asset Register Platform

Please note that access to the IAR platform when off campus is via VPN connection only.