Your wedding at Glasgow University


brideHere's a list of hints and tips and vital information to help ensure you have the perfect wedding ceremony at Glasgow University!

Below you'll find info about how to book the Chapel Choir, arrange your music and flowers and lots more.


Travel and access


The University is located on University Avenue. Pedestrian access is available via University Avenue, Kelvin Way and Dumbarton Road. Vehicle access is available through the Pearce Lodge Gate which sits at the bottom of University Avenue adjacent to Kelvin Way.


On weekdays up to three bridal cars can park directly outside the Chapel. Blue badge holders and a limited number of parking places may be prebooked through Places must be booked in advance and cars parked on campus without a permit may be liable for a fine. Suppliers will be able to have vehicle access to campus for up to 30 minutes and taxis and minibuses will be able to access the campus to pick up and drop off passengers. Coaches are not permitted on campus but should be able to drop off and pick up on University Avenue close to the Memorial Gates. There are limited metered parking spaces on adjacent streets and two public car parks within walking distance. 

At weekends parking on campus is free and need not be booked in advance. It operates on a first come first served basis though typically there is ample space.


Access to the Memorial Chapel is via the large flight of steps located in The Square (see map below). For those guests requiring assisted access, please park at the south front archway nearest the Chapel (see map below) from where it’s a short walk to the entrance at the back of the Chapel where there is a ramp.

Access to the Turnbull and Melville rooms is via the main entrance at the South Front of the Main Building. Enter the main building via the main doorway to access the Randolph Staircase which leads to the Turnbull and Melville rooms. For those guests requiring assisted access there is a lift located at ground level which will take them to level 4 where the Turnbull and Melville rooms are located.


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Wedding timings

Starting your ceremony on time

The chapel can be booked to host 3 weddings each day and to allow every couple to enjoy their wedding service fully each marriage ceremony must begin at the agreed times of:

  • 1200
  • 1400
  • 1600

If the ceremony begins late the Wedding Organisers or visiting celebrant may have to adjust the wedding service to fit the time available.

It is important to stress the necessity of starting your marriage ceremony on time.


It is your responsibility to invite and arrange for the services of a celebrant. You are welcome to engage celebrants from any faith or belief group who are legally registered to conduct wedding ceremonies. 

The University Chaplain has no formal responsiblity for marrying graduates but has a concern for those who are currently University staff or students and would be glad to advise them. The Chaplain to the University is Rev Dr Carolyn Kelly and she can be contacted at the University at or on +44 (0) 141 330 4160

For marriages performed according to the Rite of the Roman Catholic Church the officiating Priest should contact the Catholic Chaplaincy to arrange for the appropriate delegation. All Church documentation relating to the marriage should be forwarded to

The Marriage Schedule

You apply for the Marriage Schedule through Glasgow City Council's Registrar

The Marriage Schedule must be brought to the venue on the day of the wedding to be signed by the couple, two witnesses and their celebrant, usually during the ceremony. Without the Marriage Schedule the ceremony cannot proceed as this is a legal obligation. 

When completed, the Marriage Schedule must be returned to to the Registrar of Marriages within 3 working days of the day of the wedding. 

Find out more about getting married in Scotland. 



memorial chapel


We recommend that the best position for your photographer/videographer is either at the end of the aisle from where they will be able to take great shots of the whole Chapel or alternatively near the altar where they can be close to you as you get married. Please consider if you will have guests in the rear section of the Chapel that may be affected if your photographer/videographer sets up in this area. You should ideally discuss positioning with your photographer/videographer in advance of your Wedding day.

No additional lighting is allowed in the University Chapel for photographs, or the production of video recordings or films.


If your wedding is being videoed, you have a legal obligation to ensure that the company concerned has a copyright license, or that you obtain copyright permission for any music used during your service.

Outside Photography

Following your ceremony you may wish to take photos in various locations around the campus and are welcome to do so. Other events and activities can often take place on the University campus so we do not offer exclusive use of any area on campus for photographs. The only place with exclusive use during your ceremony is the Chapel.


We do not allow drones on campus and cannot make any exceptions.

Pipers, Flowers & Confetti

wedding party


  • So long as there are no exams taking place on campus, pipers can play for 15 minutes before and after your wedding ceremony.
  • The piper can warm-up and practice at the South Front area, in the grassy area near the flagpole overlooking Kelvingrove Park. 


  • Wedding flowers are normally delivered 45 minutes before the ceremony is due to start.
  • Please let your florist know that floral arrangements must be brought ready to be put in place and the containers must be dry to avoid water damaging the woodwork or floors. 
  • After the ceremony please ensure someone is appointed to remove the flowers.

Confetti, rice and coins

  • Unfortunately we cannot allow confetti to be used. Please let your wedding guests know this. This does include all forms of confetti including biodegradable confetti and petals as well as other alternatives such as rice and coins. Bubbles are something which could be used instead and can be a very effective alteranative to confetti.


Music during your Ceremony

We do not supply a musician for ceremonies.

The University has an Organist/Pianist who you can request to play during your ceremony. The University Organist is Kevin Bowyer and you can contact Kevin directly to check availability and request a quote:



Alternatively, you can engage external musicians or you can use the Memorial Chapel sound system for recorded music.

You should discuss your music choices with the person who will officiate at your service so they are aware of the choices.

You can listen to some examples of organ pieces online.


Chapel Choir

The Chapel Choir is available, on request, to perform at wedding ceremonies. The choir is directed by Kathryn Cooper.

To check availability and to book the choir please contact:


University Memorial Chapel

The stalls in the Chapel can accommodate 120 guests, with additional seating for a further 208 available at the rear of the Chapel.

Please advise the Weddings Organiser in advance if anyone attending the Wedding has accessibility issues so that appropriate guidance can be given or appropriate arrangements made. We will send you a seating plan with the confirmation of booking.

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Turnbull Room

The Turnbull Room can accommodate 42 seated guests laid out in two sections.

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Melville Room

The Melville Room can have seating for 49 guests laid out in a similar style to the others.

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