Starting your own business

“Opportunity is a complex and constantly evolving equation” involving a number of different factors such as your awareness of unmet or poorly met needs, a window of opportunity and the right offering.

This was one of many insights delivered at a series of online workshops in 2021 offered by the University of Glasgow’s Student Enterprise team. Please note: this team also supports recent graduates to enable their business dreams become reality.

You can connect easily with the UofG Student Enterprise team for advice and guidance.

Their business plan guidelines, templates and many other resources could also be very useful when thinking about starting your own business.

A great selection of books on how to succeed as an entrepreneur and related topics has been curated by UofG Student Enterprise team for you to read.

Scottish Enterprise and Business Gateway are also there for you. See what they have to offer or contact them on 0300 013 4753.

What our grads say

Names: Alex Duff & Michael O’Donnell (Founders of 3D SCOTLAND LTD trading as ‘3D Glasgow’)

Graduated: 2020

Studied: MEng Product Design Engineering

Current Job Title & Organisation: Both founders and directors, 3D SCOTLAND LTD. Alex also works as a Product Engineer for eBar Initiatives Ltd and Michael also works as a Product Design Engineer for Koolmill Systems Ltd.

In January 2021 Michael and I bought some 3D printers and began trying to make a Glasgow-themed, 3D printed chess set, just as a bit of a hobby. Just a few months later we are now founders and directors of our own company - 3D SCOTLAND LTD, with a business bank account, website etc and are making sales of our Clydeside Chess Set through the Scottish Design Exchange and the UofG shop!

If you find something that you love and are passionate about then do it! And if you can make a business from it, even better! The skills that we learned at University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art allowed were invaluable in the creation of our product. Another bit of advice would be to study something that you are passionate about – this can then lead to exciting developments when you leave uni!

Alex and Michael with their Clydeside Chess game