Careers ideas

First bear in mind what you have discovered about yourself; your values, interests, personality, skills and strengths.

The next step is career research. That will bring new possibilities into your awareness. You can start as top level as you like and then drill down into clusters of graduate job types within a specific labour market area.

One of the biggest graduate jobs site in the UK is Prospects. Why not use it to go into different market sectors and explore the range of possibilities in sectors which interest you. Another very helpful graduate careers site is TargetJobs. It too has a searchable section on job sectors.

Your career options

Also take a look at graduate job trends related to your degree field of study. Prospects lists two ranges of job titles, firstly one that closely aligns with your degree and a secondary one containing jobs which do not require your exact degree but it helps you as a candidate that you do have that degree specialisation.

Please bear in mind though that although the UK graduate labour market is very competitive, it is also often very flexible and not prescriptive to your degree subject. Often it is graduates’ underlying motivations, values and interests which determine their employers of choice.

If this activity brings up too many career ideas, you will need to scratch below the surface more to really find out which options fit with your preferences. You may need to go beyond web-based information and talk to people doing the jobs you are considering. This can usually be done through networking and information interviewing. Explore the advice under “Being Proactive” provided by Careersmart.

What our grads say

Name: Mario Pulido

Graduated: 2019

Studied: MSc Information Security

Current Job Title & Organisation: Cybersecurity Internal Auditor at HPE

My advice to recent University of Glasgow graduates when looking for a job is to be patient. If the opportunity does not come at the desired time, continue to persist and persevere, your time will come. Once you start working, be open to always being willing to learn and do new things and appreciate the company’s culture, the people you work with and the quality of your work. Technical skills are important but good social skills will also let you take an elevation in your career path. 

Mario Pulido profile photo