Glasgow Guardian Digital Archive

The front page of the Glasgow University Guardian from the 25th October 2000.  (GUAS Ref: DC 157/20.  Copyright reserved.)The Glasgow Guardian Digital Archive website makes available high-resolution scans of every student newspaper produced at the University from 1932 to 1935 and 1955 to 2007. Initially known as the Gilmorehill Globe, then the Gilmorehill Guardian, the newspaper acquired its current name, the Glasgow University Guardian, in 1959.

The newspaper has acted as a training ground for some of the UK’s most influential journalists and politicians, and the archive contains contributions from former students including Donald Dewar, John Smith, Andrew Neil, William Boyd, Iain Martin and Sir Neil MacCormick. The archive also provides a rich record of student life across 75 years, chronicling stories including the social service campaign of the 1930s, the protest marches of the late 1960s, the campaign to increase student grants in the early 1970s and anti-apartheid marches in the 1980s.

The Glasgow Guardian Digital Archive is a collaboration between the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute, University Archives, University Library and Students’ Representative Council. The project received generous financial support from the University's Chancellor's Fund, Friends of the University Library and Students' Representative Council.

The archive is available at