University of Glasgow Theses

A collection comprising more than 13,000 University of Glasgow higher degree theses.

What types of thesis are in the collection?

  • Most University of Glasgow higher degrees theses (i.e. degrees above Bachelor's level).
  • However, please note that dissertations presented for some Master's degrees and Diplomas are held in the relevant university departments and not in the Library.

Are electronic versions of the theses available?

  • Many University of Glasgow theses submitted from the academic session 2007/2008 onwards can be accessed as e-theses via the online Glasgow Theses Service.
  • Theses held within the Glasgow Theses Service are freely available to all.
  • However, not all theses can be made available online as e-theses. Some will be accessible in print format only owing to copyright restrictions; these copies are held by the Special Collections Department for consultation in the Special Collections reading room.
  • Please note that where a copy of a thesis is available electronically via the Glasgow Theses Service, the printed copy is not held in Special Collections but in the .

How do I find a thesis submitted before October 2007?

  • Theses that have been submitted in printed format only (prior to the online Glasgow Theses Service - i.e. October 2007) are held by the Special Collections Department. This includes a number of old theses dating from the nineteenth century (covering c.1860-1929).
  • Some University of Glasgow theses submitted before October 2007 have been digitised and made avalible online via the British Library EThOS service.
  • A small number of Town and Regional Planning Department M.Phil. theses are held in the .

Please note that access to theses may be restricted for up to 3 years under the exemptions offered by the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. Any restrictions are clearly noted in the search record: such theses cannot be consulted until the period of restriction expires.

How to find material from the University of Glasgow Thesis Collection