Review, Reporting & Enhancement

Audit Activity & Reporting to Academic Standards Committee

Colleges are required to audit course approval activity conducted by Schools. Guidance on the audit process can be found here.

Colleges will be expected to report the findings of their audit to the first meeting of the Academic Standards Committee of the year (usually early October).  While Colleges are free to provide their report in their own format, a suggested template can be found here.

Similarly, Academic Policy & Governancee (APG) will conduct an audit of programme approval activity conducted by Colleges and submit a report of its findings to the Academic Standards Committee. APG will also seek feedback from College Deans of Learning & Teaching, and from College Boards of Studies, on the operation of the approval process throughout the session.


All programme proposals must be approved and live in PIP no later than 31 July (if they are intended to run in the coming session). College Boards of Studies must advise APG of the reason for any proposal still being considered after this date.