Purchasing Officer User Manual

Please note that Purchasing Officers will have a manual for the Website and Smart Client/Back Office.

Please make a selection from the list below:

Website Manual

 Title Web or
Back Office
 Manual  Video     Updated
‌Requisition/Approval Rejection  WEB WEBAPP1 Requisition Approval-PO Video Nov 2018
Travel Requisitions - Travel Suppler     View Travel Webpage Nov 2015
Standing Order Requisitions -
OCE example
Temporary Staff Example
 WEB WEBREQ5   Jun 2015
Purchasing Card       View Purchasing Card Webpage Jun 2015
Amend/Closing Requisitions  WEB WEBREQ10   Jun 2015
Restrospective Requisitions  WEB WEBREQ16   Jul 2017

Printing Purchase Orders

Back Office PO1   Jun 2015
Printing Copy Purchase Orders Back Office PO2   Jun 2015
Printing a Copy Purchase order
approved by a different Purchasing
Back Office PO3   Jun 2015
Goods Received Notes  WEB GRN1   Jun 2015
‌Goods Received Note TASKS  WEB  GRN2   Jun 2015
Closing Purchase Orders  Back Office PO4    
Invoice Approval  WEB  WEBAPP3  Invoice Approval Video Jun 2015
Journal Entries  Back Office JE1   Jun 2015
Standard Enquiries ‌  Back Office ENQ1   Jun 2015
Financial Coding ‌   APPENDIX1‌   Jun 2015
Agresso WEB Menu  WEB APPENDIX2   Jun 2015
Agresso 564 Menu  Back Office Appendix564   Jun 2015

Approval Process

Approval Process