Winton Flats

Winton Flats

Emergency Repairs, including the re-instatement of a utility or vital service or a temporary repair prior to a full repair being carried out e.g. serious water leaks, roof leaks, faulty door locks, failure of heating and water systems should be reported to your site office or duty Living Support Assistant (out of hours) asap.

*Please ensure that you follow all the recommended social distancing guidelines whilst repairs are being carried out*

I hereby grant permission and accept this as notice for Sanctuary Management Services/University of Glasgow or their appointed agents access to carry out essential works, including any subsequent follow up or inspection works. Whilst work is being undertaken due care and consideration will be undertaken. However, Sanctuary Management Services/University of Glasgow cannot accept responsibility for any damage or loss.

For an update on the status of repairs, please contact your site office during office hours.

For information, we will endeavour to work to the Priority Timescales as follows:

  • B-Urgent-7 DAYS: To ensure the standard of amenity enjoyed by a resident is maintained without inconvenience e.g. General electrical faults, reglazing and urgent repairs to joinery.
  • C-Non-urgent-14 DAYS: Necessary repair to remedy a defect to the service, which is desirable, but students' study is not impeded e.g. General plumbing repairs, general roof repairs.
  • D-60 DAYS: Planned works/maintenance e.g. Repairs to internal fittings, non urgent joinery repairs.

After the repair is completed, it would be useful to have feedback on our service.