Writers @ The Hunterian

"Miscellaneous: Writing Inspired by The Hunterian", launched at The Hunterian, in February 2014.

a museum event. A speaker stands at a microphone and about 30 people are seated watching

Our aim has been to draw inspiration from the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery for our creative practice. We believe both the exhibited objects and the hidden collection of the museums have innumerable stories to tell. Through a series of writing residencies, readings, workshops, competitions and a final anthology we sought to to spark the curiosity of Glasgow at large and invite everyone to look at the Hunterian with a different, creative perspective.

three women (the researchers) stand in the museum in front of an architectural drawing. One holds a copy of the project publication Our Anthology is the culmination of months of our own writing, community engagement activities and invitations to participants to contribute their writing. We participated in Glasgow's Aye Write Festival 2013 and presented our work as Writers in Residence at The Hunterian in 'Object' the English Graduate Conference at the University of Oxford and in 'Writing into Art' University of Strathclyde and Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery.

Thank you to all the participants on our creative writing workshops and to the contributors to the Anthology.

About The Writers 

Writers' Presentation

Presentation at the Hunterian Associates Open evening,Hunterian Art Gallery, October 2012