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Fixing France: How to Repair a Broken Republic

Fixing France: How to Repair a Broken Republic

Sociology; College of Social Sciences Hub
Date: Monday 18 March 2024
Time: 11:30 - 13:00
Venue: University of Glasgow, Main Building, Humanity Lecture Theatre (Room 255), University Avenue, Glasgow G12 8QQ
Category: Public lectures, Academic events, Student events, Staff workshops and seminars
Speaker: Nabila Ramdani
Website: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/fixing-france-how-to-repair-a-broken-republic-tickets-765227645487

How does France work, how did it get here, and how can it change? Join us to discuss Nabila Ramdani's newly published book, Fixing France: How to Repair a Broken Republic:

"France – the romanticised, revolutionary land of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity for all – is failing. Reform is urgently needed. This book is a powerful indictment of the status quo, and a highly original perspective on the challenges to which the nation must rise.

Nabila Ramdani is not from the establishment elite: she is a marginalised insider, born and raised in a neglected Paris suburb. With unflinching clarity, she probes the fault lines of her struggling country, exposing the Fifth Republic as an archaic system which emerged from Algeria’s cataclysmic War of Independence.

Today, a monarchical President Macron shows little interest in democracy, while a far-right party founded by Nazi collaborators threatens to replace him. Segregation, institutionalised rioting, economic injustice, the debasement of women, a monolithic education system, deep-seated racial and religious discrimination, paramilitary policing, terrorism and extremism, and a duplicitous foreign policy all fuel the growing crisis.

Yet Ramdani offers real hope: the broken French Republic can, and must, be fixed."

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