Delivering our vision

Decorative icon representing delivering our visionWe launch this strategy against a backdrop of challenges and changes within the higher education sector and wider society. While we face the future from a position of strength, we must continue to ensure that we use our people and our resources as effectively as possible. All of our teams - academic, professional, technical, specialist or operational - will need to perform at the highest levels of excellence and use their expertise and ingenuity to deliver real value and impact as we pursue our vision to be The World-Changing University.

The implementation of World Changers Together will be a genuine partnership of top-down strategic direction and distributed bottom-up delivery across the organisation. Recognising the diversity of our community and our organisation, local leaders will be empowered to implement the strategy in the ways that work for their staff, students and other stakeholders. We will do this without losing sight of our shared vision by developing our implementation plan with reference to nine delivery principles organised within three change themes.

People centred