People & Organisational Development Strategy

Our commitment to you

Our People & Organisational Development Strategy sets out how we will nurture an inclusive, dignified and respectful working culture in which everyone is valued, recognised and praised for their efforts, and success is shared and celebrated.

The University will:

  • conduct a full induction when you join
  • involve you in setting strategy, goals and objectives
  • help you understand how your role contributes to achieving this
  • treat you with respect and courtesy
  • promote and celebrate inclusion, equality and diversity
  • provide constructive and effective performance and development frameworks
  • engage you in dialogue on an ongoing basis and listen to all views without repercussion
  • acknowledge and recognise your achievements
  • actively design, refresh and promote health, wellbeing and safety policies
  • provide access to information and appropriate support
  • ensure workloads are reasonable and achievable
  • create varied opportunities for learning and development for all staff