Glasgow joins European University alliance

The University is delighted to be joining the CIVIS European University Alliance as an associate member.

CIVIS, with its focus on social inclusivity, student mobility and inter-disciplinary research, is a natural fit for Glasgow and our world changing ambitions.

The alliance aims to tackle the big social challenges of the 21st century, to carry out relevant research, and to work responsibly and sustainably with an eye to the future. Amongst other shared objectives, CIVIS member universities plan to work together to boost international student exchanges, contribute to European civil society and increase European cooperation with institutions in Africa.

Brexit notwithstanding, at Glasgow we remain a European institution to our core. We understand the benefits associated with mutual cooperation and knowledge exchange and are fully committed to our partners and networks in Europe.

In that regard, we relish the opportunity to work closely with our eight CIVIS partners from across the continent in addressing the grand challenges of the 21st century.

The CIVIS Alliance focuses specifically on five thematic areas: health; cities, territories and mobilities; climate, environment and energy; digital and technological transformation; and society, cultures and heritage.

Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Glasgow said: "Like the CIVIS alliance, the University of Glasgow is a collaboration-oriented civic university with its roots in our local community, but with global ambitions and impact.

"We are an institution which has always been, and will always remain, proudly European. We celebrate our international outlook, while committing to social transformation and civic engagement at a local level."

Rachel Sandison, Vice Principal, External Relations at the University of Glasgow, said: "Being part of the CIVIS European University alliance means growing our international collaborations and partnerships in Europe, providing many opportunities for both staff and students to engage.

"In this post-Brexit landscape, Glasgow continues to consider itself a proudly European institution with much to contribute to, and many benefits to be had from, collaboration with European partners."

Professor Marian Preda, Rector of the University of Bucharest, President of the Board of Rectors of CIVIS, said: "The eight pioneer universities of CIVIS, one of the very first European universities, are positively delighted to welcome the University of Glasgow as an Associate partner.

"The amount of talent, experience and reach of the University of Glasgow, one of the very best public universities in the world, will significantly strengthen the alliance at a time when CIVIS is developing a range of ground-breaking initiatives in education, research, innovation and links with society."

At the University of Glasgow, we appreciate the importance of global engagement and international collaboration. That is why we are so proud to have joined CIVIS and why we will work hard to collaborate with CIVIS partners as an internationally-minded, outward-focused and decidedly European University.

University of Glasgow joins CIVIS