Guild network shares expertise on communicating research

In July, we hosted The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities’ Summer School online, bringing together 45 researchers from 21 universities across Europe.

"That was a game-changer."

Running for the second time following its launch in Paris in 2019, the aim of The Guild Summer School was to encourage PhD researchers to reflect on their work beyond the laboratory. With a focus on research communication, the 2021 event built on the previous theme of exploring different career opportunities within and beyond academic.

"I was so modest while communicating about my research. After Summer School, I took a different perspective!"

Research communication

A group of multidisciplinary researchers attended representing a variety of career goals, but all with the shared aim of wanting to learn how to communicate their research more effectively.

They benefited from workshops delivered by specialists from several of The Guild universities on a range of topics such as:

"I am even more convinced now to work in the industry and be more active on social media."

  • Tailoring research communication to engage younger audiences
  • Using animation to communicate research
  • Building a research profile online
  • Effective public speaking
  • How to have successful interdisciplinary conversations on contentious topics
  • The relationship between research and innovation and public policy