About us

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The Confucius Institute at the University of Glasgow is a partnership with Nankai University supported by the Centre for Language Education and Cooperation, UK (CLEC UK). It builds on long-standing research collaborations between the two universities and is strongly founded on research on China across the University of Glasgow in the social sciences, arts, and business, in particular through the Scottish Centre for China Research.

The Confucius Institute’s activities centre on the provision of Chinese language classes, promoting understanding of China and its culture through a range of lectures and other events, and providing training and other support for businesses and for schools. Its distinctive focus is on understanding contemporary Chinese society and culture, promoting understanding between young people in Scotland and China, and supporting links between the cities of Glasgow and Tianjin. The Confucius Institute will make a significant contribution to the Scottish Government’s China Plan through support for Confucius Classroom hubs and for Sino-Scottish business links. It is a symbol of Glasgow’s and the West of Scotland’s engagement with China and will be an important source of support for that engagement across education, the arts and business.

The Confucius Institute’s activities include:

Chinese language

  • Language classes for the general public – introductory to more advanced levels
  • Tailored language for business
  • Tailored individual language tutoring on request

Cultural events

  • Events based on key Chinese traditional festivals
  • Cinema screenings and photography exhibitions

Support for Schools

  • Encouraging learning of Chinese language and about

China in schools

  • Helping develop the curriculum on contemporary China in schools
  • Training teachers

Promoting research-led understanding

  • Lectures and seminars on current issues in Chinese economy, politics, society, culture and arts
  • Promoting research links between University of Glasgow and partners in China

Promoting business engagement with China

  • Seminars, workshops and information events for SMEs
  • Tailored workshops on Chinese business culture
  • Supporting exchange visits